UC Berkeley Pre-Med Students

Do you want to become a doctor?

But do you feel lost and overwhelmed about applying for medical school?

Do you wish you had some guidance from someone who had been in your shoes being a nervous pre-med student before but then successfully got into medical school and made their dream come true?


I am here to help you!


Hi, my name is Dr. Jinhee Park.


I remember being a pre-med student at Cal 12years ago, wanting to go to medical school but not being really sure if I was going to make it.   Being a student at a big public university like this really overwhelmed me.  I didn’t feel like I had a lot of personal guidance.  There were so many outstanding pre-med students competing over the career counseling resources, office hours with professors and research opportunities.  I would often become discouraged whenever I heard people talking about how difficult it is to get into medical school if you are not a perfect straight A students, etc.   I was surrounded by a lot of competition, anxiety and fear.


I managed to to figure it out and go through this difficult process of applying for medical school and eventually was blessed to get accepted late November 2005 during my senior year at Cal.


I learned that that even if you are not a perfect applicant, if you keep a winning mindset, maintain a positive attitude and strategically plan out your medical application and have the momentum to implement it, then you can be successful in getting into medical school no matter what many negative people tell you and how much competition there is.


After having been been through such a hard process of applying for medical school and getting accepted to my dream school, then getting through medical school and then residency and now practicing medicine as a full fledged physician 12years later, I feel very fulfilled getting to heal so many people of their illnesses and getting to play a major leadership role in the health care field.   It is such a noble profession to be in.  I wake up in the morning everyday feeling so blessed to have this opportunity to practice medicine and live a life that matters to the world!


I’d like to reach out to the current Cal pre-med students who may be going through the same struggle I went through 12years ago and who may want some encouragement and coaching to alleviate anxiety and make their dreams come true.


This is the summary of my credentials.



  • BS in Chemical Biology, UC Berkeley, Class of 2006
  • MD from UC Davis School of Medicine
  • Residency: University of Southern California Family Medicine
  • Fellowship: University of Arizona Integrative Medicine (currently ongoing)
  • Licensed Physician in California practicing primary care and medical acupuncture
  • Recipient of Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
  • I have helped many pre-med students with their medical applications with successful results in the past 8years.


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