Jinhee Head

Hello, I’m Dr. Jinhee Park.  I’m here because I’m passionate about helping pre med students in community colleges find the resources and opportunities to boost their chances of getting into medical school and pursue their dreams of becoming doctors.


Since I was a 5-year-old child, I had had a dream of going to medical school in the US and becoming a doctor who could go on medical missionary trips and help heal sick people around the world just like Albert Schweitzer my role model.


However, during my high school years, I was not confident with my science skills and I set aside my dream dabbling in other jobs that did not bring me much passion.   When I turned 23-years old, I realized that I no longer wanted to neglect my dream of becoming a healer.


I boldly quit my job in Korea and moved to Berkeley, California and enrolled in Vista Community College, now called City College of Berkeley as a full time student hoping to transfer to UC Berkeley as a junior and then ultimately going to medical school.




It was not long ago that I was in your shoes.   I know what it is like to start your pre med journey in community college, feeling lost, overwhelmed and unsure about your possibility of making yourself prepared to apply for medical school admissions.  Starting community college as a non-traditional pre-med student at the age of 23, I had a vague dream of going to medical school later on, but I felt like I could not find other fellow community college students aiming for the same goal or to be more accurate, I felt shy about finding other pre-med peers in my community college because I did not want to be seen as an over-competitive and aggressive pre-med student to others.  Thus, I felt very isolated in this journey as a pre-med student.


I also encountered negative comments about how it would be so difficult to get into any medical school coming from a community college because some people would say how medical schools did not take applicants from community colleges seriously.   As a result, although with all my heart I wanted to go to medical school, I frequently had doubts about whether if I would make it eventually.


I wish I had a mentor who had already been through this journey successfully who could give me some guidance and reassurance so that I did not have to waste so much time and energy on doubting myself.


This is why I’m here to help you.

Through numerous trials and errors, overcoming self-doubt and setbacks, I managed to make it through by attracting into my life the people, money and opportunities that became stepping stones for me to achieve my goal of getting into my dream medical school later on.  I was able to find professors and college advisers who supported me in applying for many merit-based scholarships, prestigious summer research internship opportunities, conference presentations, and ultimately medical schools.


Therefore, I was blessed with many life-enriching opportunities that led me to getting accepted to UC Berkeley as a junior transfer student with a full scholarship and then to my dream medical school, UC Davis Medical School in my senior year.


MedSchoolGraduationThis is a picture of me on my graduation day from UC Davis Medical School.
I made it!


Fast forward 13years later, now I’m living my dream as a physician getting to practice medicine and heal many patients which gives me much fulfillment.


If I can do it, so can you!


Many people tend to think that coming from a community college will make you less competitive as a medical school applicant compared to those who started from 4-year universities.  I’m here to show you that this is only a myth by setting an example.  You actually have many advantages because you are starting from community college.


The trick is to stay focused on your goal even when you experience disappointments and setbacks, and to get creative on finding ways to attract those positive resources into your life.


I’m here to clarify your strengths and guide you step-by-step on how to find the right people, money and opportunities to help you transfer to a 4-year university of your dreams and then later on get into a medical school of your dreams.


Are you ready?  Lets get started!